Jamal is a freelance artist and maker of stained glass. He worked at John Hardman Studio (est. 1838), where he designed stained glass windows for several historical buildings, modern architectural settings, private companies, and residential spaces. During his time at Hardman Studio, he explored (Pugin's) theory and (Hardman's) practice of Gothic Revival stained glass. Through stained glass restoration, he has mastered in multiple glass painting styles and techniques used in Medieval, Arts & Crafts, Pre-Raphaelites and Gothic Revival stained glass. With over 23 years of arts practice, he has established himself as a freelance artist and educator. Jamal designs, manufactures, restores and conserves hand-painted stained glass for a variety of national and international clients from his little studio in Birmingham.

Jamal has a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Practice and Education from Birmingham City University, and a Master of Fine Arts in illustration/Graphic Design from the College of Art and Design, Lahore. 


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Stained Glassic

‘Stained Glassic’ (est. 2010) offers custom-made handpainted glass. With an excellence in design, glass painting, and drawing, Stained Glassic offers its services to a wide variety of global clients.  It covers traditional as well as contemporary methods and styles of stained glass making. 

Jamal has an interest in the visual arts and music since he was 5 years old. He has meticulous eyes when it comes to observe and artistically interpret the visual world. His creative abilities enabled him to draw and paint with ease. Old school observation based skills of drawing and painting feature his work that one rarely experiences nowadays in modern artworks. Stained Glassic has a commitment to never send a commission out until the artist and the client are fully satisfied with the final outcome.

The cost of commissions is always work specific. Each work is carefully and individually calculated reflecting its budget, size and other technical considerations. 

For any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
or email: arteachdesign@gmail.com 

Jamal also offers Educational Workshops. For more details please explore the 'Workshops' page.

Online Offer:

Buy gift vouchers for others, or book yourself on a stained glass course or contact for any assistance for your stained glass windows.

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